In recent years, CETAF (Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities) institutions have started to enrich their collection data with links to semantic resources (e.g. persons or geographical units). In this way, it is possible for the first time to represent distributed collections as a unified information space and to enhance them with various external resources. An example of this approach is this "Botany Pilot", in which diverse data on collectors of botanical specimens are made accessible by linking a reliable and stable person ID (e.g. a so called QID in Wikidata). This includes, for example, biographical data from Wikidata, specimens in different herbarium collections, publications in BHL (Biodiversity Heritage Library) and, more recently, entries from Based on a single person identifier, the respective information is dynamically pulled together with linked data mechanisms from a growing number of web resources.

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Hugo Baum
  * 1867   † 1950
German botanist (1867-1950)

Publications by Hugo Baum


Claimed natural history specimens collected or identified by Hugo Baum

Scientific Name Country Institution Date
Commelina subulata RothAngolaNHMUK
Limnophyton angolense BuchenauAngolaNHMUK
Monotes dawei H.H.Bancr.AngolaNHMUK
Monotes dawei H.H.Bancr.AngolaNHMUK
Plectranthus baumii GürkeAngolaNHMUK
Monotes dasyanthus GilgAngolaNHMUK
Polystachya dendrobiiflora Rchb.f.AngolaNHMUK
Commelina welwitschii C.B.ClarkeAngolaNHMUK
Lepidagathis macrochila LindauNamibiaNHMUK
Brachycorythis rhodostachys (Schltr.) Summerh.AngolaNHMUK


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